Michael Notar - Behind The Lens

Michael Notar (IMDb) was born in San Clemente, California but spent most of his life in northern Idaho. He grew up surrounded by natural beauty and wildlife in the region and desired a medium to capture it. Michael was mechanically inclined from a young age. At the age of ten he was building RC Cars from a kit in less than a week. During middle school he was exposed to the visual arts. He later discovered photography, a mix of science and art. It was a perfect match for him. Michael quickly dove right in, studying Ansel Adam's Zone System as a high school junior and making life size prints of the basketball team. By his senior year, he was shooting hundreds of rolls of 35mm B&W film, as well as 6x7 and 4x5.


He attended Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California . While at Brooks, he studied commercial advertising, with an emphasis on product, architecture and food photography. Michael spent the last months of college studying industrial scientific photography, specifically infrared imaging, microscopy, and high-speed stop action photographs of water splashes, droplets and ballistic projectiles.  After earning a Bachleors of Arts in 2005, he became manager of Shutterworks. Four years later, Michael expanded his craft to include video production.


Though he considers himself a “lighting guy fascinated by electricity,” he has worked in all departments of production. Whether its grip and electric or running audio, he is used to multi tasking on set. When he is not working he enjoys boating on the lake, walking his wiener dog and loosing balls on the golf course.