CRAIG EHLO NBA Basketball Player, retired.

Mike, I just wanted to tell you that it was a lot of fun and I loved your professionalism. That is a very unique talent. I have much appreciation for the production that goes into making of a show a broadcast. When I was playing, I had no idea what it took to put a game on, but when I entered broadcasting I saw first hand. I wish you the best and hope that we cross paths again.


KEVIN W. JESTER, AIA Principal, Architect West, Inc.

Michael brought not only technical expertise but a creative eye to capture images that captured the character or our projects. I look forward to working with Michael on future projects.


TOM LATHAM Principal, Signal Point Marketing+Design.

Michael Notar has an outstanding eye for detail and can visualize the finished shot while us creatives are still randomly spewing concepts in our Adult A.D.D. type way. I’ve witnessed him break out a blowtorch to make a cheeseburger look like it will jump off the page and into your mouth. He pushes the creative limits and has given us the shots we were looking for when other photographers fell short. He rocks.


CHERYL DUDLEY Writer and Editor, Envision Magazine.

Michael exemplifies the creativity and proactive approach I look for in a photographer. I told him what I wanted, and he took the ball and ran with it. He worked one-on-one with clients when I was not able to be there, and did so in a professional manner. The photo subjects he worked with told me that they loved working with him. The photographs, which I have used on the cover and on the inside of my magazine, have always been well done and always tell the visual story I aim for.


PAUL B. Attorney, Federal Judicial Center.

The FJC loved you. Thanks for pulling it together. You were terrific, very good at your jobs and very pleasant to work with. And, although this sounds pompous, you were very "appropriate." Working in federal courts with federal judges can sometimes be a little tricky but Dave and Michael were perfect. If I ever need to work in the area again I want to work with them.